It's a dumpling kind of night: dumplings three ways for supper.

dumplings 01

Chicken / sausage low country boil with oriental dumplings and noodle dumplings in it, and biscuit dumplings on top.

dumplings 02

Pan-fried dumplings on the side.

dumplings 03

Noodle dumplings (not really dumplings; they are noodles, but I (Jared) will call them that for my marriage's sake).

dumplings 04

Introducing... Cozy Egg and Beet Sandwiches

Spread mayonnaise on both sides of two slices of bread. Toast on griddle, while frying an egg nearby on the griddle.

When egg is fried, build sandwich with fried egg, pickled beets, ripe seedless olives, sliced sweet onions, and grated cheddar cheese.

This sandwich was surprisingly delicious and cozy, perfect for a cold winter day.

Introducing: Cornadillas

In a Dutch oven or other favorite pan, mix together the leftover chopped brisket from last night's street tacos and the leftover street corn. Place on back of wood stove. Stir in the rest of the leftover chicken broth, and the little bits of various cheeses and creams that are leftover from Christmas. Stir and heat until creamy.

Meanwhile, heat the cast iron griddle on the front of the wood stove. Lightly toast one side of a tortilla. Flip it over, and put half a slice of leftover Swiss cheese near one edge of the tortilla. Add a spoonful of the creamy corn and brisket mixture. Sprinkle some leftover grated cheese on top. Fold the tortilla over and grill until the cheese is melted.

Serve to your favorite child first, and repeat until you either run out of fixins, or your least- favorite child has eaten, whichever comes first.

Introducing: mashed potato cream of mushroom soup:

Mix the rest of the mashed potatoes and gravy that you didn't use up from Christmas in a pan; place on wood stove. Stir in the rest of the whole mushrooms that you didn't use from Christmas (about 12 whole mushrooms). Add the rest of the cream that didn't get whipped for Christmas, and a dash of the leftover chicken broth. Stir until hot and creamy, then grab your favorite mug and drink up a warm hug.

Stay tuned for another Christmas leftover recipe.