Photos and Videos

Here are some photos and videos that we have taken in our adventures.

I think therefore I am... a chicken!

This just "goats" to show that new age thinking is a mess.

Also, introducing... KFG - Kentucky Fried Goat!

goat on the roost

Wife: "Would you get a picture from your side?" Me: "Sure!"

picture side

Some days it's just too nice to work indoors, but the work must get done nonetheless. So outside it is.

work outside

I Corinthans 15:3-4

i corithians 15 3 4

Psalm 121:1-3

psalm 121 1 3

Psalm 73:28

psalm 73 28

Psalm 36:5

psalm 36 5

Psalm 5:11

psalm 5 11

There's just somethin' about a boy and his... chicken.

This Papa is so proud of his 13-year-old chicken farmer.

enoch and chicken



Psalm 130:5-6

Psalm 130:5-6

Fun Memory!